1. Begin by creating a form with the following fields: name, email address, subject, message, and a submit button.
    2. Include a disclaimer that clearly states the purpose of the contact form and how the user’s information will be used.
    3. Add a captcha or other form of verification to ensure that the form is not being submitted by a bot.
    4. Set up an email address or other means of contact for users to reach you. Make sure to include this information on your app’s website or other channels where users can access it.
    5. Test the form thoroughly to ensure that it is working properly and that all submissions are being received.
    6. Finally, consider adding a thank-you message or redirecting users to a confirmation page after they have submitted the form to show that their message has been received.

    Remember to respond promptly to any inquiries or concerns from your users to build a positive relationship with them and improve the overall user experience of your app.