PikaShow for Smart TV Download Free (Latest Version 2024) For Android

Hello readers! Are you searching for a TV streaming app that supports your Smart TV Stick/Sony/Samsung/TCL and LG? If yes, then you reach the most admirable place. Here we discuss a well-known app for supporting TV downloads named PikaShow for TV Download.


App NamePikashow APK For IOS
Android Version4.5 and Above
Total Downloads4,000,00+
App size16.38 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeOfficail Features
Last Updated3 Hour Ago

Unlike other streaming applications, PikaShow resolves the impediments of relishing streams on TV screens. It is not everyone’s business to unlock the streaming app on TVs with full possibility but PikaShow comes in front of the users with this feature. This guide will provide the method of running any app, including PikaShow on different TVs without any hurdles.

Advantages of Streaming PikaShow on TV

If you looking for more fun and excitement, then viewing your favorite content on TV in the presence of an internet connection. Some of the additional advantages of PikaShow for TV are as follows:

Unlock Streams on Big Screen

Now, enjoy your favorite movies and dramas on the bigger screen. It enhances your streaming experience by providing more convenience for you.

Disturbance Free Experience

Another advantage of viewing your favorite content on TV prevents you from unnecessary interruptions. You usually face some notifications and messages while watching your streams on iOS and Android but in the case of TV, you face no disturbance.

Improve Video Quality

If you looking for a pleasant viewing experience then PikaShow for TV Download best suits you because watching content on a larger screen means higher quality pixels on your streams.

Get Rid of Interrupted Ads

Unnecessary ads bring you into a distracted environment. You have the advantage of stopping the ads available on the app by streaming PikaShow on TV and enjoying it in an uninterrupted environment.

Enhance Audio Experience

You can only rely on built-in audio speakers while watching streams on Android and iOS devices but in the case of TV, you can attach external speakers for improved audio standards.

Seamless Operating System

It is easier to employ the PikaShow app on TV than on iOS and Android devices because while streaming on TV all the options are visible and you do not need to scroll to find the preferred streaming content.

Import Subtitles

Most Android apps do not support subtitle options but the PikaShow TV edition offers subtitle options to make it comprehensive for every user globally. You can add subtitles to any video in your preferred language like Urdu and Hindi.

Enable the Dark Mod

PikaShow for TV Download contains the dark mod feature, especially for night users because continuous streaming sessions could harm your health and eyesight. So, enables the dark mod for better working.

Downloading PikaShow on TV

The process of downloading PikaShow on different TVs is usually followed by a similar and simple step. Some TVs are not officially available on the Apps Store. In such cases, you can download them from a reliable source. Here is the process of installing PikaShow on some TVs:

PikaShow on Mi TV Stick: 

  • Firstly download the VPN service and then turn it on the MI TV Stick.
  • On the home screen of the Mi TV Stick tap open the apps menu.
  • Navigate to the App Store and search for the PikaShow in the search bar.
  • Then, Click on the PikaShow app and select Install.

PikaShow on Samsung Smart TVs:

  • Foremost, open your Samsung Smart TV in the App Store.
  • Locate the search bar and search for the PikaShow.
  • Click on the install button after selecting the PikaShow app.
  • After installation, use it for instant entertainment.

PikaShow on TCL TV:

  • Firstly download the PikaShow APK on your Android device.
  • Then, from PlayStore install send files to the TV app in your Smart TV.
  • On your Android device, open the same app and send files to the TV by installing it from the PlayStore.

FAQs about PikaShow for TV Download

Some frequently asked questions about PikaShow are as follows:

Why is PikaShow not working on Smart TV?

Sometimes, due to network problems, PikaShow does not work on Smart TV or in any other case download the latest version of PikaShow.

Does PikaShow work on all types of TVs?

Yes, PikaShow works on all types of TV including Smart TV or Android TV.

What can users expect from their PikaShow experience? 

Users can expect a dynamic journey with PikaShow. It has an intuitive interface and introduces users to captivating stories.


In conclusion, you can enhance your content streaming experience with PikaShow for TV Download for free. Watching your favorite streams on TV unlocks new parameters for you. It has many features like Unlocking Streams on the Big Screen and Enhancing Audio Experience. It proves to be the game-changer in the TV streaming industry. If you want to receive regular updates then you can bookmark our website. So that we stay updated you with new updates.

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