Pikashow for TV Download Free 2024 (Mi TV/Sony/Samsung/LG/TCL)

The importance of television users is evident even if streaming platforms have proliferated in recent years since consumers still choose to watch their preferred content on larger screens. PikaShow, nevertheless, recognizes this customary requirement.

PikaShow solves the limitations of watching streams on TV screens, setting it apart from other streaming apps. As a result, you can easily view your preferred content on a variety of Smart TVs.


App NamePikaShow for TV
Android Version4.5 and Above
Total Downloads4,000,00+
App size16.38 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeOfficail Features
Last Updated3 Hour Ago

Pikashow For Smart TV

Through Streaming Sources, PikaShow gives its audience the freedom to create their own television experience at their own terms and circumstances, from providing straightforward connectivity options to relieving viewers of the annoyance of missing episodes.

PikaShow makes sure you’re comfortable whether you’re using an Apple product, a Google-powered Chromecast TV, or a Smart TV from Amazon Production Line. Its elegant design, smooth streaming, and customized recommendation algorithms are the reasons for this.

Mod of Pikashow for TV Download Free

There’s no need to register or subscribe in order to use the Pikashow app on your television. You may immediately begin streaming media. You then need a device that is compatible with the app and a reliable internet connection. One excellent feature that sets Pikashow apart from its competitors is that it is a free app. With Pikashow, you can watch TV without having to worry about paying high membership costs for numerous platforms and streaming apps.

Features of Pikashow for TV Download

1: Large Screen

We can say that  watching movies, dramas, web series, documentaries, and other entertainment items on a larger screen when using a streaming app on the TV makes for a more enjoyable experience.

2: Amazing Video Quality

Greater quality pixels on your video translate into better overall video quality and an enjoyable viewing experience when you watch material on a larger screen. Unexpectedly, Pikashow has built-in settings to adapt the quality of your movie to the TV’s specifications. Standard Definition Quality (SD) and High Definition Quality (HD) are the two quality settings you may use for your screed.

3: Experience Without Disruptions

The lack of interruptions when watching entertainment on TV is another advantage. There are persistent calls, texts, and notifications when you use your iOS or Android device to watch entertainment online.

4: Remove Advertisements Feature

The occasional advertisement during video streaming ruins the experience. Fortunately, you can escape this problem since you may stop the app’s advertisements and enjoy an uninterrupted PikaShow TV streaming experience.

5: Seamless system

Using the Pikashow app on the  TV is simpler than it would have been on an iOS or Android phone. All of the options are available while streaming on TV, so you don’t have to browse back and forth to locate the streaming qualities you want.

6: Incredible Audio Quality

You are limited to using your phone’s built-in speakers for audio while streaming content on an iOS or Android device. For a higher audio standard, you may connect extra speakers if you watch material on the TV.

7: Quick Downloading

When you watch entertainment on TV, there’s no waiting around for the download of dramas, films, web series, etc. To download any clip, just tap on it, and the video will be saved to your device’s storage immediately and its because of Pikashow.

8: Include subtitles

Additionally, you may obtain the PikaShow App’s built-in function, subtitle support. Any video you want to add subtitles to may be supported with subtitles in a variety of languages, including English, Tamil, Hindi, and even Urdu.

How to install the Pikashow for TV free?

Here are the instructions of installing the app .

  • Switch the MI TV Stick on.
  • Navigate to Settings and choose Device Preference.
  • Proceed to Security and Open Restrictions after that.
  • Return to the MI TV Stick Home Screen after that.
  • Activate the APK Auto-Install feature.
  • Again navigate to the Home Screen.
  • Press the URL bar.
  • You now need to look for the download option on the website.
  • Select the “Download Now” option.
  • Select the Install option by clicking on it.

You can now watch limitless entertainment for free on your MI TV Stick by downloading and installing the Pikashow For Tv app.


1: Is it possible to compare PikaShow’s effect on TV watching to that of regular TV?

PikaShow has a revolutionary effect on how much television is watched. It gives them the freedom to establish their own TV-watching habits.

2: Does Pikashow work with every kind of TV?

Yes, the app is compatible with all TV types, including Android and Smart TVs.


In conclusion, you may use the Pikashow app on a variety of TV models to improve your streaming experience without breaking the bank. In the meanwhile, several features not accessible on iOS or Android may be unlocked using our offered PikaShow MOD Version.

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