PikaShow New Updates – Enable Auto Fetching of Regular Content & Glitches

PikaShow is a renowned streaming app that provides its users with a wide variety of content ranging from documentaries to movies and TV shows to live TV channels. But what about PikaShow New Updates 2024? Updates are the precious jewel of every streaming app’s crown and the developer of PikaShow regularly updates its users with exciting new features and some bug fixes. In addition, the PikaShow application is not officially available on Google PlayStore and continuously releases updates to meet the changing cravings of its worldwide streamers. In this article, we will inform you about its new attributes and tips for troubleshooting in detail.

Exciting New Features of PikaShow

Some of the advanced features of PikaShow that make it more engaging among streaming enthusiasts are as follows:

Auto-Fetching of Regular Content

Do you want to eliminate the need to manually search for new content like episodes and seasons of your favored shows? If yes, then employ PikaShow because its developer recently added the attribute of auto-fetching of regular content. 

It automatically scans the application for notifications and updates. It is an amazing attribute for those who like to stay up-to-date with new elements of the app and is considered one of the best features of PikaShow Updates.

Improved Interface

The update brags a new interface that is more cleaner and more effortless to navigate than before. The sort browser has been streamlined and the search bar is now more apparent.

In addition, the video player has acquired a refresh with more commands and playback readily obtainable.

Subtitle and Dubing Enhancements

The subtitles languages and synchronization are increased in PikaShow after this new update. It also brings more dubbing options including regional languages and makes it a perfect option for those who prioritize dubbing content.

Download Manager Improvements

To supply better download stability and speeds the download manager of the PikaShow application has been revamped. You can manage the download preferences and even schedule downloads for later.

Glitches and Bugs

Some users have reported encountering bugs and glitches after the PikaShow Updates. Here are the generally reported issues:


Some users have encountered PikaShow crashing suddenly, mostly when streaming HD content and on older devices.


During peak streaming hours some users notify the problem of inflated buffering and it may confuse some users.

Missing Content

A few users have noticed that certain TV shows and movies are missing from the massive PikaShow content library.

Login Issues

Some users are facing difficulties while creating new accounts or logging.

Tips for Troubleshooting

If you have undergone any of the above glitches after the PikaShow Updates then the following tips will be helpful for you:

Force Quit and Restart

Restart your device by trying force-quitting the PikaShow application because this process often resolves minor glitches.

Clear App Cache

Sometimes just clearing the app cache fixes many buffering issues. You can do this through the settings menu of your device or the app settings.

Update PikaShow

The developer releases many updates for bug fixes. Make sure that you are utilizing the latest version of the PikaShow application.

Reinstall PikaShow

If all the above methods fail to remove your issues then try uninstalling and reinstalling the PikaShow application because this method resolves persistent issues and will clear all your data.

PikaShow Updates – Why We Need to be Updated

Some users ask this question why do we need to be updated every time? Updates are among the substance needs for developers to keep their creations at the highest peak in the universe of streaming apps. It also guarantees a seamless and enjoyable streaming experience for its users. 

Updates are the lifeblood that keeps the app thriving and alive but some users think it is merely routine maintenance and bug fixes. It is true but to some extent because it covers a lot of benefits varying from enhancing streaming attributes to expanding content libraries. So, Updates are the essential element to improve your overall streaming experience.

FAQs About PikaShow Updates

Is it safe to update the PikaShow app?

Yes, updating your streaming apps like PikaShow is a 100 percent safe process but ensures that you upgrade the application from a reliable source.

How much time does the PikaShow app take to update its content gallery?

It mostly depends on the nature of the rollout and maybe it will come out after a month or two.


To conclude, PikaShow New Updates 2024 continuously works to boost the user experince by adding missing aspects and every possible detail inside the application. However, if your device is attached to an active internet connection those rollouts are directly available to users since they apply. The main advantage is that you do not need to pay a dime to relish the updated functionalities and features. You can also bookmark our website so that we can inform you about regular updates and such a detailed guide.

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