PikaShow vs LokLok Which One is Best Streaming App (Updated 2024)

Live streaming has taken the world by storm and two names come to the frontline. One is PikaShow and the other is LokLok. Both are renowned streaming applications but the query is PikaShow vs LokLok which one is best? In this comprehensive guide, we will analyze the similar attributes and the differences between both apps in detail.

What is PikaShow?

PikaShow is the most popular streaming app and offers its users free entertainment. It primarily focuses on live streaming but you can also download your favorite audio or video for offline viewing. PikaShow is developed by an anonymous team of Indian developers. It contains an intuitive and straightforward interface. PikaShow also contains various advanced attributes like live reactions and comments. It offers its users a vast range of content libraries varying from movies to documentaries and TV shows to live TV channels. The main characteristic of PikaShow is that its developer always stays informed of its users with regular updates of unique features and bug fixes. 

What is LokLok?

LokLok is also a notable streaming app developed by a Singapore-based company called LokLok Technologies. A team of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs with a passion for live-streaming has developed this company in 2021. LokLok is also a famous streaming app in Southasia. It is a free app and you can also use in-app currency to purchase virtual gifts for streamers. A unique attribute of LokLok is the live Primary Key where two users can go against each other for distinct challenges and the winner is decided by viewers through virtual gifts.

PikaShow vs LokLok – Common Difference

PikaShow vs LokLok


Here, are some features of PikaShow that are not present in the LokLok application and helpful for you to make a perfect choice:

Short Videos:

Similar to TikTok video Pikashow also offers a specific section for short-form videos and allows its users to share and create engaging content up to 60 seconds long. This attribute is beneficial for those who prioritize content creation compared to live streams.


You can play a wide variety of interactive games to virtual prizes and currency in the PikaShow application. A perfect option for those who enjoy casual gaming opportunities and adds a gamified element to the app.

Beauty Filters:

You can apply various beauty features during video recordings and live streams in the PikaShow application. This trait is especially helpful for those who like to sweeten their appearance and introduce themselves in a glossy manner online.

Regional Focus:

PikaShow contains a higher concentration of Indian and Pakistani content and this regional focus is beneficial for those users who specifically seek streams and content creators from these territories.


Some features of LokLok that are not present in PikaShow are as follows:

Live PK:

The main feature of LokLok that makes it different from other streaming apps is Primary Key. You can go against other users to complete various challenges and the winner is selected by viewers through virtual gifts.

Content Discovery Algorithm:

This feature makes it easy to discover engaging videos tailored and live streams of your preferences. 

Regional Focus:

It has a growing user base in South Asia and contains the majority of content in Bahasa Indonesia and Malay languages. LokLok is usually chosen by those users who prioritize the above languages.

PikaShow vs LokLok – Similarities

Some of the similarities between PikaShow and LokLok are as follows:

  • Both apps allow you to watch streams and broadcast themselves.
  • Viewers in both PikaShow and LokLok can send virtual gifts to streamers and they can convert them into real money.
  • Both applications allow comments on streams and other streamers also be able to see responses to comments.
  • To stay updated on the last streams both applications permit you to follow streamers.
  • To find specific streams or users both Pikahow and LokLok offer search functionalities.

Frequently Asked Question

How do they differ in content discovery?

The algorithms of LokLok recommend content based on your watch history or interests while PikaShow gives you content from broad categories to cater to the needs of every user.

How can streamers earn money on these Platforms?

Viewers can support streamers using virtual currency which later converts into real money and both apps offer a virtual gifting system.

Is LokLok available on the Play Store?

Yes, LokLok APK is officially available on Google PlayStore and specially designed for Android devices.


In the above article, we provide our best about PikaShow vs. LokLok. Both are famous streaming apps and demand no money. PikaShow is usually used in India and Pakistan while LokLok is commonly used in South Asia. The choice thoroughly depends on your preferences if you like to enjoy games and short videos PikaShow suits you or if you want to take advantage of Primary Key then you can easily choose the LokLok application.

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