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You may view movies, TV shows, and TV on the fantastic third-party media live-streaming portal known as PikaShow APK. Anywhere in the world, people stand while they are idle. To find your preferred entertainment genres and categories, use the built-in search option.


App Name Pikashow APK
Android Version 4.5 and Above
Version Latest
Total Downloads 4,000,00+
App size 16.38 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose Officail Features
Last Updated 3 Hour Ago

   Download PikaShow APk

It is becoming more and more well-liked among people who lead hectic lives.

The PikaShow app is available for free to Android users, which is an unusual fact. There are no enrollment or subscription costs required. The app can be installed without cost. Therefore, you are not required to consider money concerns.

You can now Download PikaShow app and enjoy it without limits.

It provides you with entertainment from Bollywood to Hollywood. It is a well-known location where you may find a huge selection of content to view when you have free time. This describes why the most recent PikaShow is such an internationally recognized entertainment website. This Android app is a completely secure and safe entertainment hub. No malware could harm your devices in it. Additionally, it is a flawless and lawful app. There are no ties between this PikaShow app and unlawful activity. Therefore, you can install and use the contents without a second thought.

Features of Pikashow Apk

Privacy on Pikashow

Even though Pikashow Apk is available for free download, its privacy is in question. Does the developer gather data about my device through coupon cookies? Or does the software find me? Let’s look into it! We’ll evaluate its benefits and drawbacks to decide if downloading it is beneficial.

Picashow Apk is popular among users all over the world because it offers a wide range of languages and subtitles for the majority of videos.different website. Furthermore, downloading files from unknown sources increases your risk of getting viruses and malware. Due to this risk, it’s crucial to download the apk file from a trusted source to ensure the safety of your phone and personal data.

Flexible App

This app seems to have everything you require to enhance the fun and relaxation of your free time. In Pkashow Mod Apk, there is a tonne of options for movies, live TV shows, web series, and live sports. You can take pleasure in a wide variety of genres, such as animation, thriller, adventure, sci-fi, etc. You can view movies and TV shows from Bollywood, Lollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and K-pop.

Download videos

This feature would be appreciatedadvertisements of you who don’t like to be interrupted when watching videos by notifications from other apps. You can download HD-quality videos using this Picashow apk and watch them at a later time. Movies are available for download, so you may view them on a bus or flight.

Subtitles in Several Languages

The Pikashow Apk Version Is Used By Many Users From All Over The World Because It Provides Numerous Variety Of languages and Subtitles For the majority of Videos. Therefore, you no longer need to worry if your favorite show isn’t available in your region because this app now allows you to watch those shows with subtitles in your native tongue.

Excellent Content

There are options for various video streaming qualities. Videos come in a variety of resolutions, including Ultra, 4K, HD, 1080p, and 140p. Additionally, videos of any quality are available for free download. The quality is not lost when downloading videos, movies, or shows from the Picashow Apk version.

Free Ads

This program doesn’t include any adverts or pointless pop-up windows. You may watch your favorite movies and TV shows without interruption from ads.

A Safe Use

It is safe to use and watch the videos on this Picashow apk version. This app poses no threat from viruses or malware. Your Device Will Remain Safe From Any Attack By A Third Party, And Your Information Will Be Safe As Well.

No Root Is Needed

This program is simple and doesn’t need a wide range of intricate settings to work effectively. Similarly to that, using this software does not require rooting your device.

You should read the next part of these amazing features that were able to convince you to download this program.

Features of PikaShow

The updated PikaShow app is particularly well-liked among movie buffs. Many movies are available to view on this platform. This program also offers a good selection of video content from which you can quickly choose your favorite.

To give you a better sense of the software, several unique features and advantages are displayed here.

giving viewers ad-free streaming. You are not irritated.

support the use of movie subtitles. you can comprehend films and television programs in other languages.

Support Chromecast, which enables mobile streaming through big-screen TV connectors. As a result, you have an enjoyable entertainment experience.

Download movies to watch offline and online.

movies and video content of the highest caliber, including HD, from 140p to 1080p, HD, 4K, Ultra

Simple user interface and navigation

of a vast library with enormous content collections

in various areas, including sports, drama, movies, and television show

several subgenres, including comedy, romance, action, adventure, children’s books, horror, and many more.

This lightweight PikaShow APK application offers over 50 live TV stations with no buffering or choppy streaming. There isn’t much memory usage on your smartphone. There is therefore no chance that your mobile applications or devices would slow down. Update frequently to post the newest products.

inform you about new and upcoming entertainment material. You may see a variety of movie trailers for forthcoming releases.

No phone needs to be rooted.


The fact that Pikashow 2023 is free is one of its key advantages. The software can be used for free. Therefore, there is no fee for users to obtain premium content.

Additionally, the program supports a variety of resolutions. The program is suitable for poor internet connections. Therefore, there is no fee for users to obtain premium content. Utilization is simple. You can use this app to access more than 40 OTT platforms. High-quality content is always available to you through the pikashow Apk. It obtains top-quality content from all the most popular movies, TV shows, and other forms of media. There is no charge for the subscription. There is no charge for the subscription. Additionally, the pikashow’s material is frequently updated by the programmers of the app.

Pikashow for PC Download

This Pikashow APK Download does not have a native PC version. As a result, each anticipated user must download the program via an android emulator. You can successfully download the Pikashow for your phones by using the following approach.

Make sure your device meets the prerequisites listed below for a successful installation before beginning to download an apk file for your PC.

  • Windows 7 or later should be used as the operating system.
  • Intel or AMD should be used as the device processor.
  • The computer must have 4GB or more RAM.
  • 5GB of free storage space is necessary.
  • The user who is downloading this software needs to have administrative privileges on his computer.
  • Microsoft and any other chipset manufacturer’s most recent graphics drivers.
  • So make sure your gadget satisfies the specifications listed above.
  • A variety of Android emulators are appropriate for this task.
  • Some of these extremely well-liked android emulators include Memu Player, Nox Player, and Bluestacks.
  • Visit Bluestacks’ official website.
  • Then, to download the most recent version of the Android emulator, click the Download Bluestacks tab.
  • Launch the installer after the download is finished.
  • After that, hold off for a while.
  • Bluestacks will then start up automatically.
  • The entire installation process is now complete.
  • After that, you may start installing the program using pikashow Apk.
  • Open the android emulator, then navigate to the home screen.
  • Examine the installed apps tab to see the pre-loaded applications. the Google Play store location there, in.
  • Use your Google account to log in.
  • then use the Google Play Store’s search box to look up the name.
  • Click the install button when you’re finished.
  • To use your preferred app for free, just touch on the Pikashow icon.

Pikashow for iOS Download

The installation process in this case is extremely similar to that of Android devices. You are aware that the iOS official app store has this pikashow app available. As a result, you can quickly follow the steps listed below.

  1. Open the Apple App Store on your iOS device first.
  2. Then use the search box in the Apple App Store to look up “pikashow.”
  3. Your search will yield results that are relevant to you.
  4. Select the best suitable app for your needs and enjoyment.
  5. The get tab is there; tap it.
  6. Wait until the installation is complete; then, the installation will start on its own.
  7. Allow for the required permissions that the pikashow has asked for.
  8. Simply launch Pikashow at that point to begin using it.


Is using Pikashow safe?

You should exercise caution regarding this software’s security even though it enables you to obtain free items. It steals your details, including passwords, user ids, and sensitive banking information, despite its claims to be safe and lawful. Additionally, it illegally acquires its content, and the quality of such content is much lower than that of a real movie theatre.

If you are concerned about security, you may want to download the most latest versions of Pikashow Apk out of a third-party source.

This is because it cannot be found on the Google Play Store, making it susceptible to tracking and hacking. Additionally, it can have malicious software that can be exploited to grab your data. If security is a concern for you, this program may not be the ideal option.

How Can I Download Pikashow Apk For Windows 2023?

You should first download the Bluestacks program to download on a Windows computer. After installation, open Bluestacks and search for APK – download 2022. Click the downloaded file, then choose “Install APK.” Once installed, the APK can be used on your computer.

How to use Pikashow Apk

Users of Pikashow Apk can download the app’s content in addition to watching live stuff. The use of this worthwhile program merely requires a few easy actions. Simply click or tap on the movie that you want to download. Afterward, tap the download button that appears on the screen. After that, you can start downloading HD movies. You can then carry on with the tasks in the program in that manner. Additionally, there is no subscription fee. Consequently, receive the top outcomes completely free.

Is Pikashow compatible with your device?

Yes, it works with practically all Android devices running versions higher than 4.2. On Android phones and tablets running the most recent version, it will function without any interruption. However, if you have the older version, it might not function properly. It is therefore preferable to update to the most recent version because it will undoubtedly be very compatible.


A truly beautiful app that allows you to watch videos of all kinds is Pikashow Apk. Any TV, movie, series, or animation is available for you to watch anytime and wherever you choose. The content is available for download or can be added to your favorites list. You can easily access and use the paid features available in the app with this modified version of Pikashow. In this Apk Version, you may watch the most recent shows and even check out the most recent highlights.

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