Top 12 Streaming Features of Pikashow For PC in 2024

PikaShow is a popular online streaming app that supports multiple devices including Android and PC. Primarily, it is designed for Android devices but its immense popularity among PC users forces the developer to release its PC version. PikaShow presents a wide variety of content including movies and live TV channels which is why it is the most favorite and wanted streaming application. If you are also searching for a streaming app for your PC then PikaShow is one of the best options. In this article, we will explore the Top 12 Streaming Features of PikaShow for PC that you never encounter before.

Other Android streaming apps have shortened attributes when playing on large screens or other devices but it is unbelievable for most users that PikaShow offers the same features for PC users. You can enhance your streaming on large screens like PCs. It not only provides accessibility and screen viewing to shortcut keys but also delivers a wide variety of customization attributes as well.

Top 12 Streaming Features of PikaShow for PC – Explained

The PikaShow application offers a wide range of attributes for Windows gadgets and PCs. Some of them are as follows:

Flawless Playback

Navigating through PikaShow on PC is easier than on Android devices because larger screens offer extra options and visible navigation. It is also helpful for you as resembles Android devices because there is no need to search for a control option.

Instant Content Access

It is easy to download and run the PikaShow application on PCs and it just takes a few minutes to download it on your device without any struggle. For this, you just have to click on a few steps in your system, and obtain instantly PikaShow on your device. Now, download all types of entertaining content including songs and movies with ease.

Immersive Cinema Experience

As a resemblance to Android devices larger screens give you the effect of a cinematic experience. It is entertaining for you to watch documentaries and dramas on bigger screens as compared to Android devices and iPhones and gives you the chance to boost your streaming experience.

Access Hidden Gems

Easily get all types of content with no restrictions and enjoy all characteristics offered by the PikaShow app.

Crystal-Clear Pixels

It is one of the Top 12 Streaming Features of PikaShow for PC. Larger screens have higher quality pixels and improve your overall experience by adjusting quality between 1080p to 4K.

Optimize Bandwidth Usage

Get your preferred video quality on screen from Standard Definition Quality to High Definition Quality with the PikaShow app.

Focus on the Story

When you are watching your favored content on Smartphones it is usually interrupted by messages and calls but while enjoying streaming on PCs there is no scene of calls and other interruptions.

Craft the Soundscape

You can improve your audio listening experience with PCs because it allows you to attach external devices for improved audio.

Seamless Multitasking Companion

You can switch to multiple tasks at a time by using a PC while iOS and Android are restricted to concurrent single tasks.

Seamless Interactivity

You can talk during the streaming on the PikaShow app like on Snapchat or Facebook and you can build your profile and add your name on PikaShow.

Break Language Barriers

PikaShow supports more than 15 subtitle platforms so that you can smoothly get your preferred language subtitles on your favorite video.

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Master the viewing Tempo

You can adjust the speed between 10x to 30x in the PikaShow app and enjoy the opportunity of mastering the viewing tempo.

How to Download and Install PikaShow on your PC

You have to download and install the PikaShow APK on your PC only when you have already installed Android Emulator on your device because without an emulator you are unable to download the PikaShow application on your device. PikaShow is not available on Google PlayStore so obtain it from a trustworthy website. You can apply the following downloading and installation methods on almost all Windows:

  • First, open a reliable website of PikaShow.
  • Open the PikaShow APK for PC and download it.
  • Install the PikaShow app and pay heed to the given instructions on the website.
  • Open the Settings on your PC and select the Apps on your Device.
  • Choose the option of Unknown Source from the settings.
  • Allow the access option for the PikaShow app and install it.
  • Now, it’s time to enjoy the streaming on your PC.


PikaShow is one of the reliable streaming platforms and is compatible with a wide range of devices including Android/iOS and PC. In this comprehensive guide, we explored the Top 12 Streaming Features of PikaShow for PC. Many people utilize PikaShow on their Android devices and are not well aware of the attributes of the PikaShow application for PC. I hope this guide proves to be valuable for those who are seeking a streaming platform for their PCs.

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