Why PikaShow App Not Working issue? in Android/iOS/PC & TV

PikaShow is a streaming app that claims to offer free access to a huge library of TV shows and movies. PikaShow is a third-party website and is not officially available on Google PlayStore. Therefore, if you like to utilize the PikaShow app then first download it from a reliable website. Like other streaming applications, it has many systematic errors that sometimes bother users. In this article, we will give a comprehensive guide on “Why is the App PikaShow Not Working Problem”, especially on Android/iOS and PC.

Common Issues Users Face

The “Not Working” issue stands out among the various problems of application. This can be displayed in different ways on different devices. Here, we analyze the most common issues on Android/iOS and PC:

Android Issues

Crashing: It disrupts the streaming process because users may encounter systematic app crashes on their Android devices.

Playback Errors:

It leads to an inability to stream seamlessly because users might experience errors while trying to play content.

Connection Problems:

Sometimes due to an unreliable internet connection PikaShow app does not work on Android.

iOS Challenges

App Freezing:

Some iOS users face problems when the PikaShow app freezes. This problem usually bothers users and prevents them from playing or navigating content efficiently.

Compatibility Issues:

Updates to the device models or iOS operating system may lead to compatibility concerns within the PikaShow app.

Installation Problems:

Sometimes the application is not working during the app installation process and confuses the users.

PC Troubles

Loading Delays:

This affects the overall user experience because many PC users encounter delays in loading content. 

Graphic and Display Issues:

Incompatibility with display settings or graphics drivers results in garbled visuals or a lack of video playback.

Software Conflicts:

This problem usually disrupts the functionality of PikaShow because sometimes other software running on a PC may conflict with the PikaShow application.

Common to All Platforms

Outdated App versions:

Users across PC and Android/iOS may experience issues if they are utilizing an outdated version of the PikaShow application.

Server Problems:

Sometimes the server of the app might encounter technical issues or downtime. This problem affects users of all platforms.

Account Authentication Issues:

This problem leads to a non-functional app because issues with user account authentication can restrict access to certain attributes.

Why is the App PikaShow Not Working Problem – Unveiling the Solutions

The developer of PikaShow has crafted these troubleshoots to ensure your streaming journey is as smooth as the silk of a screen:

Network Checking

Check your mobile data connection or WiFi because a stable internet connection is the backbone of efficient streaming. Sometimes your issues are removed with a simple network refresh.

Pay Heed to Updates

In the fast-paced world of streaming, the developers of apps like PikaShow often give regular updates to make your streaming more smooth. Pay heed to these updates to ensure you have the latest version of the PikaShow app.

Clean your Cache

The cache is the temporary memory of your device So, clean it when necessary not all the time. Sometimes it potentially leads to app slowdown. For this go to your device settings and clear the cache to resolve performance issues.

Power of Restart  

It is an effective and classic remedy for many technological hiccups. A simple restart can often work wonders in resolving issues. So, simply restart your device when encountering issues with your application or device.

App Permissions

Apps often require specific permissions granted by the device owner to work readily. So, ensures that you have permission to employ the app. These permissions usually contain access to the device’s storage and microphone.


Can I apply root on my iPhone to run PikaShow?

PikaShow supports Android/iOS and PC so you do not need to jailbreak or root your iPhone. If you try to run PikaShow Mod APK then rooting becomes mandatory for iPhone users. 

Can VPN affect the functionality of PikaShow?

Yes, it sometimes improves your online security but it interferes with the ability of PikaShow to stream content smoothly.

How to connect the PikaShow APK?

PikaShow APK provides you with 24/7 assistance if you are a paid subscriber and you can access it via Email.

Can the PikaShow error on Android be resolved by applying the iPhone methods?

No, you cannot apply the iPhone methods on Android because these two devices are completely different from one another.


We have tried our best to provide the solution to this question “Why is the App PikaShow Not Working Problem”. In the above comprehensive guide, we have examined in detail the encounter issues for Android/iOS and PC users and how to resolve these issues. If you are facing some other problem related to the PikaShow app then feel free to contact us so, that we provide you with the applicable solution.

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