Why PikaShow Blocked by Play Store Latest Guide in 2024

Why PikaShow Blocked by Play Store? Why such an amazing app is not available on Google Play Store? What are the reasons behind the blocking of the PikaShow app? Are you also one of those who are seeking answers to the above questions? If yes, then you are coming to the most acceptable place because here we provide you with the most satisfactory answers to all of your queries. Let’s start your journey with us to find the reasons behind the ban of PikaShow by the Play Store.

Understanding About PikaShow

Before delving into the reasons first comprehend about PikaShow application. It is a renowned streaming app and is considered a beacon of free entertainment. It provides its users with a wide variety of content for free including movies and TV shows. Some of the amazing key features of the PikaShow app that make it every one favorite:

  • PikaShow does not demand any subscription fees and furnishes its users with a wide range of content including live TV channels and web series.
  • This streaming app is created to cater to the needs of a diverse audience because it provides multilingual support to ensure there is something for everyone.
  • It is one of the fantastic features of PikaShow that it allows its users to download their favored content for offline viewing and proved to be beneficial when you have limited internet connectivity.
  • PikaShow App is a smart application. If you do not remember the exact title of your video then you can search it by keywords and it displays your desired content in front of you within just a few seconds usually depending on your network connection.
  • The developer of PikaShow stays updated its users with regular updates with new features and bug fixes.

Why PikaShow Blocked by Play Store – Reasons

PiaShow is blocked by the Google Play Store because it neglects some of the privacy terms of the Play Store including copyright violation and security concerns. Some of the possible reasons for removing of PikaShow application are as follows:

Unlicensed Content Provider

PikaShow is a streaming platform that brings all of its content from third-party websites. Sometimes through third-party linkings, it diverts the users to another platform outside the app that is illegal.

Failure to Meet Up Store Regulations

The pikaShow application is unable to fulfill the policies of the Play Store and due to its such behavior, it is banned by Google PayStore.

Privacy Worries

PikaShow has low safety protocol and has the potential to damage the security and privacy of the users according to privacy experts. This is one of the reasons for blocking of PikaShow.

Intellectual Property Theft

Sometimes PikaShow delivers the original content of other platforms through external linking without the proper licensing or permission of content holders and violates copyright laws.

The Judgment of Delhi High Court

In a contemporary case, a local client alleged that the PikaShow application has a virus that is risky for the privacy of users and violates security policies. As a result, the PikaShow application was banned by the Judgement of Delhi High Court.

Unveiling the Secrets of PikaShow Access

Due to the sudden removal of the PikaShow application, its users are seeking the answer to the question of “Why PikaShow Blocked by Play Store” and also finding other ways to download content without damaging their security. Here, are some methods that you can utilize to access the PikaShow app safely and legally:

Explore Alternative Sources

If the official website of PikaShow is banned in your country then no worries because we have a solution. You can still download the PikaShow application from reliable websites that value your privacy.

Locate the Original Source

After the removal of PikaShow from the Google PlayStore and so many allegations concerning the privacy and security of the users, the developer has determined to present another source to download their app due to the so many requests of the users. That is why, they triggered to run their original website on Play Store and you can download the latest version of the app legally from the official website of the PikaShow application.

VPN Service

Some user faces the situation that their downloaded PikaShow app is not working due to the blocking of PikaShow in their country. If you also face this situation then you can utilize a VPN service that allows you to access the unrestricted streaming of PikaShow with some of its premium attributes.


In this article, we do our best to provide you with information about “Why PikaShow Blocked by Play Store”. There are many reasons behind the blocking of the PikaShow application by Google Play Store like copyright laws violation and security concerns. Many people are still legally employing this app by downloading it from its official website or another trustworthy website.

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